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Feb 10, 2016 | Webmaster | 2047 views
Notice To Our TOUGH Tyke House League Parents :)
Hey guys, we noticed that you have some early practice and game times in Tottenham this weekend. The forecasted low is -25 degrees celcius which means it will be about minus "what the heck?!?" inside the rink at 7am. Please make sure to put on an extra layer or two of that overpriced Under Armour stuff on the little ones...and don't forget about yourselves too.

Here are some tips at staying warm at the rink;

If you're going to tough it out in the stands (which I know most of you will) bring a cushion or pillow to sit on. A blanket is also a good idea.

Dress in layers.  The Temperature within the arena is going to be colder than outside most of the time. Sweaters and layered clothing are all ways that will ensure that the body stays warm during a game/practice. These clothing items also can be removed if you become warmer throughout the game. Remember that the closer to the ice your seating is, the colder the temperature will be.

Wear mittens or gloves.
Wearing mittens or gloves will allow the hands to stay warm in colder temperatures. If the hands are warm, the rest of the body won't feel as cold.

Wear a hat. Wearing a toque or hat of some sort will allow the body to retain heat. Most of the heat from a body escapes through the top of the head.  A hat will allow that heat to be trapped and put back into the body.

Drink something that is hot. Consider bringing coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for the kids.